Treleaven Scott

Scott Treleaven produces mixed-media paintings, drawings, collages, and sculptures, takes photographs and shoots evocative films exploring, through all of his work, the experience of marginalization and the communities that develop outside of mainstream culture. His own experience as a gay man informs his practice. Among his first projects was the founding of “queercore”, an underground movement focused on alternative sexualities that eventually, and intentionally, dissipated under the pressure of its own self-criticism. Ranging from abstract to representational, his work often features sexually charged, semi-nude young men and references to paganism, polytheism, and punk rock. Treleaven both critiques and embraces these so-called outsider communities, foregrounding what he sees as their allure and romance, and daring viewers to see it too.

2009 A Shade

50 x 74.75 cm
ed. 1/3