The idea

The professional activities of Panas Group have always had a cultural approach and a firm bond with art, since the brothers Spyros and Chrysanthos Panas have already established key collaborations with famous galleries towards the organization of important exhibitions with an educative character, within their privately owned venues. Starting in 1990, at a very young age, Chrysanthos Panas managed to acquire his first work of art forced by a vividly important connection that he experienced with the particular piece. His interest, communication and relationship with art, led to the creation of a dynamic collection that is constantly growing. Through the Related Art the visitors have the opportunity to connect with this collection through a bidirectional and interactive way.

TheĀ Content

The Related Art constitutes a large part of the art collection of C. Panas, which will be currently exposed in a digital form on the Internet. Important works of art of different artistic means and mediums, both of young and established artists, create a path that allows the user of the website to browse a very interesting art collection. The Related Art, through its interactive form presents a representative overview of the collection, its course through the time but also the direction that it takes via the observation of the contemporary means of art expression.

TheĀ Purpose

Artists, curators, foundations, museums and art centers can use Related Art as a representative catalogue of the works of art owned by the collector, and upon interest they can communicate with us and borrow specific pieces for future exhibitions. Also, the art aficionados can use Related Art as a platform for the exchange of their thoughts and points of view with regards to art or even to download specific works of art and create their personal collection on the internet.

The art curation of the website was made by the Art Historian, Anna Chatzinassiou.